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Philadelphia Films, Inc. (PhillyFilms) is a corporation formed in 1999 by Timothy Kelly and Leah Stauffer for the purpose of developing, producing, marketing, and distributing instructional videos (VHS & DVD's) of various subject matter for domestic and international release to home video markets and cable TV. The success of the most recent title, "The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® (AOED), has carved the model for the creation, distribution, and licensing of additional content. The emphasis is on projects originated and developed from their The Exotic Way Brand . The company is in the unique position of utilizing The Exotic Way as a means to test market content that is being developed into Licensable Media properties. The distribution and publicity contacts already in place along with the ability to replicate the process of developing, producing, marketing and distributing a media property has positioned PhillyFilms as a solid force in the multi-billion dollar Home Video Retailing Industry.

In addition, there are several television concepts in development which will serve as a communication and distribution tool for all concepts including but not limited to; classes, instructional videos (VHS & DVD's), merchandise and community development. The current customer database serves the core marketing efforts of each new concept. Tremendous opportunities exist due to the depth of content that can be easily accessed via The Exotic Way curricula combined with the production and distribution capabilities of Philadelphia Films Inc. and its' affiliated companies. The company is positioned to create an entire line of instructional videos under their own branded label similar to the "For Dummies" or "The Complete idiot's guide to" book series that have proven successful in the publishing world. In a booming Licensing market and the beckoning of On demand technology, content is one of PhillyFilms greatest assets. PhillyFilms is completing the creation of a replicatable business model for content.
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